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"He is so comfortable on stage [...] there is not a sign of “acting” anywhere. He is absolutely natural."
-Janice Kitchen, "Mama's Country Music Collection",Stephenville Festival, NL
"Michael Dufays executes his own choreography in the most brutal scene of stage violence I’ve seen all year."
-Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World,"My Child", Haus of Casati  Prod. Toronto, ON


"Michael Dufays, who plays the Monkey King, is fantastic. The guy’s got a black belt in tae kwon do and his moves in the fight sequences are spectacular. He knows how to colour a song with his warm tenor voice. And he delivers an acting performance of real emotional depth. Talk about a skill set."

- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight."Forbidden Phoenix", Gateway theatre, Richmond, BC


Thank you for stopping by. I have been a professional actor for 22 years, and a Stage Combat Instructor for 12. I was born in Montreal, QC and grew up in Ottawa, On, but make Toronto my home.


I have plenty of photos, videos and Current Events to share with you so have fun browsing!


With Love, 

Michael Dufays

Mike Dufays is a Graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (NYC) where he developed his love for acting and stage combat.

Since then, Michael’s stage career has taken him from coast to coast, including touring with the award winning company, Red Sky Performance, in Raven Stole the Sun, and touring Europe and the UK with the award-winning, Corpus Dance Projects.


Favourite roles include: Originating the role of Yoshi in Daniel MacIvor’s Arigato, Tokyo (Buddies in Bad Times) for which he was nominated for a Dora Mavor award (Outstanding Performance by a Male - General theatre category) , Kyoketei in Duel of Ages, originating the role of Horne, and playing Sun Wukong, in Forbidden Phoenix (LKTYP and Gateway Theatre, BC), and Bill in The Voice of the Turtle (The Classic Theatre Festival) which earned him a nomination for “Best Actor” with the Captal Critics Circle award jury. Favourite film credits include: Foster in Shaolin Delivery Boy (Zed Channel/ CBC), Clockwatcher in A Day At The Office (Bravo Channel/CBC), and Detective Dumbo in Heroic Bloodshed(RiotA.C.T.) – for which he was nominated for Breakout Male Action Star at the Action on Film Festival in L.A. Michael has had the privilege of Assistant Fight Directing at the Stratford Theatre Festival for two seasons, is a Certified Stage Combat Instructor with FDC, and is a co-founder of RiotA.C.T., a multi award winning Action Creation Team of fighters and filmmakers.


Michael would like to thank his mother for supporting his dream through out his life, even when things were not looking favourable. My love to Casey, Dan, Paul and Dad.

About me

Current Events

I'm off to NY next week to audition of the newest American tour of , The LION KING - Wish me luck!


MAY 10th, 2017

Colours In The Storm Apr 2017

"Instant Forgiveness" is a phrase coined by the inimitable Marek Norman, and compliments his passion to challenge and get the best out of performers - This man truly cares about people, and I would work with him any day, any where (as long as I didn't have to leave my daughter again!)  HIs arrangements were infectious. The cast was generous, uber talented and Heather Davies stage vision was stupendous. Thanks London, ON!

Hardcore Logo Live! Feb 2017

Breathe.Feel.Love Productions are the classiest act of the indie scene. And gotta love when a Director calls you up and says, could you please do this role - out of the blue: The universe is a mysterious thing.This cast and production team really gave a sh*t: about the work and each other. I'm a better person for having been in this production. It let me live out my rockstar fantasy (THX so much for that) and we even got feedback from musicians that we sounded like a band that had been playing together for years (an effect created in  3 weeks!) Bruce MacDonald , Michael Turner, and  Nigel Richings -also gave us their blessings after seeing it!

TV - Bad Blood. Mini Episodic W/ Kim Coates. ACtor/stunt role - Dec 2016

VO - Shuyan: Kung Fu Princess.  Video Game, Mark Media, Canada./ w/ Kristen kreuk. char: Master Long - Dec 2016 Uncredited

This had started for me as a 'cute' project I decided to do just to work with Jeanette Lambermont-Morey again.  It turned out to be a VERY satisfying creative experience, including the development of an original climactic fight (with a great partner) that received many accolades, including, "That might be the best fight in theatre that I have ever seen"! And My Entertainment World wrote, "Michael Dufays executes his own choreography in the most brutal scene of stage violence I've seen all year". So thankful to an amazing producing team, Haus Of Casati.

My Child Nov 2016

Suitcases Nov 2016

Directed by Rosanna Sarachino and featuring a cast of 20 actors this is was a show about the secret voices of mental health, and was the first to include some original writing from yours truly - and almost featured a pop song I wrote - and the first time I did a Tech/Dress/1st run/Paid Preview! So grateful to have been a part of it, it gave me the confidence to put my faith in my process.

Faust Aug 2016

This is definitely one for the record books. Unwittingly I got hired as a replacement for this world premier of Goethe's FAUST, a musical adaptation with original music by the incomparable Leslie Arden and directed and edited by force of nature Jeanette lambermont-Morey of past Stratford fame. The leadership of these two colossal talents, and a collection of wonderful human beings on stage - actors and musicians alike - made this productions one of the biggest love fests of my career. Even as an ensemble member I was super proud of this passionate collaboration.

internet - out there. web pilot. fresh baked prod. lead role

The Castle Nov 2015

What a wonderful artistic experience! Working with Dean Gabourie (past AAD of Stratford) and meeting the kings of the indie scene​ at the Storfront collective - we got to delve deep into the text of living genius Howard barker. There was a C**T count that was rumoured to be in the high 20's...Even got to shave my head and put on an Arabic "lite" accent. Didn't make a red cent but boy was it fun. Last show I did before my little Jaqueline was born! NOW mag gave it NNNN, "Dufays’s enigmatic, intellectual Arab is a fascinating figure" - cheers.

internet - mean eats. web pilot. fresh baked prod. lead role

Playing King Arthur in , SPAMALOT and Dad in , Momma's Country Music Collection, was an extraordinary musical experience for me. As half Korean I rarely get a chance to speak with an english accent, but Director Thom Currie must've seen somethingfunny  in me...Also I got to sing a country musical review, aquaint myself  with some GREAT country music and finally put my guitar playing to professional use. Learning 35 songs off book while singing. Thanks Stephenville!

Stephneville 2015 June-Aug 2015

TV - reign Episodic W/ adelaide kane & sean teale. supporting role - Feb 2015

UBU Mayor Sept 2014

This was an amazing showcase for me. I got to sing original tunes in the blues rock jazz style, I dropped the 'F'-bomb an amazing 70 times ( for a play) and I had 2 agents interested in me based on this show. Working with Adam Selig (a wunderkind) Tyler Emond (a Phenom), and the cast (Richarde Harte and Astrid VanWeiren - Dora winner 2012) was an amazing collaborative experience and a laughfest. This is the 3rd published play I got to originate a role for, and that is a very cool experience. 

Romeo and Juliet Mar 2014

This Production of R&J at the Citadel Theatre was directed by a great man of the theatre Tom Wood. It was an increadible growth experience for me, as it came off the tail end of the Citadel/Banff Professional Training Program, but I got to be the fight Captain (ostensibly an assistant fight Director) with Jon Purvis, and I think the fights are just exhilirating. I also got to do my first public blogs for the program, and connected with 15 other amazing acting  talents from across Canada.

Click to watch one of my fights!.

Goodnight Desdemona, good Morning Juliet  Oct 2013 

"Good Night Desdemona, Good morning Juliet", by Anne-Marie MacDonald, is currently playing at the Belfry Theatre here in Victoria.BC. Its a heck of a high energy romp of a comedy. I'm bloody proud of the fights I designed with Ron Jenkins and the whole cast is supurb! Come have a looksy if you're in the Vancouver area. Even strip down to my skivvies for part of it... Aug 19th-Oct 20th 2013

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