Heroic Bloodshed

Heroic Bloodshed started out as a contest submission. A 2 min or less,  John Woo style film that was trying to place in the top 10 to be allowed to perform in the trailor or something for a new game; I forgot what the final prize was, we obviously didn't win, but it was a great two weekends of shooting. We apparantly went through 500 blanks those 4 days, and it was great that we shot some stuff fast and loose, and with two cameras.

Tyler the Director ended up cutting a 5 min version after the contest was over to have a better narrative, and submitted it to the Action On Film Festival in L.A, where we won best special effects (no CGI) and I received a nomination for Breakout Action Star - Male.

This Bravo short was made in conjunction with 4 others, all woven into a project called, "A Day at the Office", based on a Corpus Dance Projects theatrical production. This and another vignette (below) were the most popular and had the most play time, I'm told. We shot as I recall over two days, at laeast that's how long I was on set.

This was only my third time on a Canadian cable broadcast.

The Clockwatcher

This is an improv based sketch I'm proud of.

South Compton Diet

The Runner

I'm also featured in this one starring Licoln Shand.

Acting Demo