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Fight Demo 2012

Here  are two vids of the WALK TO WORK series my team  made. We have about 9 and counting but these are the two latest ones we filmed..

In our creative process It ended up that the teamate being jumped during his 'walk to work' would design the fight they wanted to be highlighted in. Then we would collaborate and fill in the blanks- 

-Team Riotact style!

This one was mine. Hope you like it!

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The next one is Simon's WALK TO WORK but I have a nice little karambit (curved knife) fight around 1:50.

Walk to Work series by RiotACT

You can check out our YOUTUBE channel HERE, and be sure to watch our Award Winning shorts.

"Shaolin Delivery Boy"

A little fight from a 2005 short I did.

Collaborated with Benny Min (the other actor) and had a blast. This movie got me my first agent in Toronto, and was aired on CBC/ Zed channel.

True Edge Prod produced a show called "Duel of Ages" which was a total fight show. I was in two of the scenes and LOVED the choreo we performed. The video is a little choppy but the fight flows really nicely I think. This was , "The Coup de Jarnac" I played Chataignerie.

This is one of my favourite live fights by my good friend Simon Fon. I got to play a samurai whose son was just shot in front of him, and takes out two British soldiers with a lead slug in his belly. Here is some rehersal footage, mistakes and all, a but God was this a rush!

Duel of Ages

Things I'd like to share!


Rehearsal Footage - Duel of Ages 2!

More great rehersal footage of my favourite fight! In this scene I train my son - the old school way: I attack him. Olaf and I had great fun practicing this and got our speed up pretty quick, even faster than our memory sometimes :P speed bumps and all, I hope you enjoy!

Here's a couple stunts I did on a film called "All In", by my good friend Tyler Williams. A leg sweep to floor ,and a bar toss. shot on 35 mm film!

Yet another phrase of fight! I can't tell you how great the scene was to play, including the stuff outside of the fight scenes, just really juicy material. Another part of the "lesson" for my son (Olaf Sham)


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