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First week of "Desdemona..." and trying to set up some good personal patterns for when I go back home in a month. Its been a heck of a rehersal period. This one got active, reaaaal fast, with 4 quick changes I couldn't get until the day before opening, its starting to settle into a nice rythm.


There was some nuttiness. This show is rife with euphanism inducing writing...


We had a 'firing sack'... Dont ask.

Everyone is pretty good humoured about the bawdy material. As one would hope since it gets rampant, so much so that there is only ONE person I DON'T kiss in this show, and the other day I fully put my weight into Jameson's groin while he's in his underwear in the last act. He was ok, but I was traumatized; it felt like a heart in a sock...


Good times all in all and living the dream. :)


Sept 24th, 2013


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